Of course, it takes a great-looking landscape, but your entry package needs to reveal its great features. The photos that you submit are the most important part of your application. It is the primary way your application will be judged. Below are some tips to consider when photographing your landscape.

  • Photos

    Please keep in mind the contest judging criteria when taking photos. Photos that highlight the judging criteria elements will make your application a stronger entry.

  • Portfolio

    Take a mixture of photos from different sections and distances. Take full shots as well as close-ups that highlight blooming plants or interesting features.

  • Before And After

    Please provide a before and after photo(s) of your landscape renovation (if applicable) from the same vantage point(s).

  • Lighting

    Try taking pictures at different times of the day, taking advantage of the different positions of the sun.

  • Details

    Keep in mind what’s in the frame of the picture. For example, trash cans in the background of your picture can detract from the beauty of your landscape.

  • The Best

    Take more pictures than you need and only submit the best. Try taking pictures of the same area of your landscape from different vantage points.